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Worry Monsters

Worry Monsters 

I’m  your little Worry Monster,

I am always here,

When worries pop into your head,

Don’t let them turn to fear.


Fill in the  form below,

Make sure you write your name,

Explain your worry to me,

Write it clear and plain.


Press send to put it in my mouth,

And let me eat the fear,

Put a smile upon your face,

Then give a great big cheer!


(Adapted from ELSA Worry Monster Poem)


Hello! I am a Knightwood Worry Monster and I listen to any worries you are having. I understand that at the moment things feel a bit different and sometimes a bit scary, but I am here to help! Type your worries into the 'message box' below and I will 'eat them up.' If I think you need extra help I will write back to you!