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The KSA - Knightwood School Association (PTA)

We are proud to be the Parent-teacher Association (PTA) for Knightwood Primary School known as the Knightwood School Association (KSA).


The key objective of the KSA is to raise funds to continually improve the school and its curriculum for our children. 

We intend to: 

enlightenedSet up and run fundraising events which involve children and their parents/carers and to add to the overall positive experience of being at Knightwood

enlightenedIdentify and fund projects within the school to enhance curricular activities for all year groups

enlightenedRespond to funding requests from the school to make sure that any funding offered meets our overall objective - to make sure that any money spent will directly benefit the children and broaden their development.


Wondering how you can get involved?

Please contact us at knightwood.ksa@gmail.com if you'd like to take part in event planning, or if you have ideas for raising funds.

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