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Personal Development at Knightwood

Our personal development curriculum has been designed specifically to support and promote strong foundations for social, emotional and behavioural development and will teach the children the specific skills they need to pave a way towards a lifetime of success, fulfillment and happiness in an inclusive society. It aims to promote positive behaviours, emotions and relationships for all children.


The Knightwood personal development curriculum encompasses our school values, PSHE objectives, SMSC and British Values, No Outsiders, well being resources and the Hampshire 6 strands of behaviour. It demonstrates out prioritisation of the holistic development of our children. It aims to equip them with the necessary skills and mindset to actively participate in public life as respectful and engaged citizens. Furthermore, the personal development curriculum focuses on promoting mental and physical well-being, alongside fostering healthy relationships through age-appropriate education. We also ensure equality of opportunity and inclusivity within the school environment. Additionally, students are empowered to recognize and address various risks, both online and offline, while also receiving education on digital literacy to navigate safely in the digital world. 

The Six Strands

We know that childhood is a crucial time for paving the way towards a lifetime of success, fulfilment and happiness. Just as children need to learn (and be ‘taught’) things like reading and maths, so too do they need support, direction and modelling of the social, emotional and behavioural aspects of learning and development. By being proactive in addressing this aspect of learning from a very early age, we are promoting the rounded growth and development of our children and equipping them with vital lifelong skills.


The Six Strands Curriculum is one way that Knightwood promotes positive behaviours, emotions and relationships for all children. It aims to equip children with the skills, attitudes, behaviours and characteristics to help deal positively with the many and varied social and emotional contexts and challenges they will encounter as they grow.


The six key ‘Strands’ are boundaries, resilience, focus, respect, self-regulation, and independence.


Each half term we will focus on a different strand. There will be assemblies and lessons that focus on the strand and explicitly teach the skills to develop it. We will share stories about characters and people who are good role models for the strand.

The strands are progressive and children are given support to recognise what their next step is.

We have badges that are awarded to different children daily.


We encourage parents to support the development of the six strands. We have published leaflets that explain the focus is and you can talk to your child about that skill and provide some ideas that you can do at home to develop that strand.


If your child gets to wear the badge - ask them why they got it and celebrate!

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