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School uniform

The school positively encourages the wearing of its uniform, and for many years has been grateful to receive total support from parents, the PTA and Governors in implementing this policy. The aim is to keep the uniform simple in order to minimise cost. The uniform gives the children and the school a strong sense of identity, which we believe is important.


This policy has been reviewed in accordance with the ‘Cost of school uniforms’ statutory guidance published in November 2021. We want our uniform to be affordable for all parents. 

The following factors were considered when reviewing the policy:

  • Overall cost implications of the school uniform for parents
  • Frequency of changes to uniform specification to minimise any financial impact on parents
  • Necessity and supplier of branded items
  • Sustainability & ethical supply chains
  • Provision of second-hand uniforms


An adaptation to the uniform listed below will, of course, be allowed for any pupil who is unable to comply for cultural or religious reasons. In these circumstances parents are asked to consult with the Headteacher in order to establish a sensible compromise.


Knightwood School Uniform - (please note the items do not need to be branded)


The school colours are royal blue, gold/yellow, grey 


  • Royal Blue Knightwood sweatshirt or cardigan


  • Gold Knightwood polo shirt


  • Grey skirt/pinafore/trousers/shorts


  • Yellow/white or blue/white checked summer dresses


  • Socks and tights should be in a school colour 


  • Sensible black soled shoes – with Velcro please until your child can manage laces on their own! Sandals are fine in the summer as long as they have a low heel and are not open-toed.  Training shoes are not acceptable.


  • Long hair should be tied back or a hair band worn in a school colour and PLAIN (no novelty hairbands - unicorns etc)


  • No nail varnish or make-up may be worn


For PE:


  • Yellow round neck T-Shirt
  • Royal blue shorts
  • Trainers

 All in a named draw string bag


In reception year, the children do not need trainers until the summer term. They do not need to bring a tracksuit to school for games as we will not be going outside for PE until the Summer Term.


School Bags:


The children bring very little to school other than books and a packed lunch.  Year R children are provided with book bags and these are used throughout Key Stage 1.  When the children start Key Stage 2 (year 3) they sometimes like to change to a back pack.  Please note that these need to be small enough to fit into a locker (which will also house their PE kit and coat)


Marking Property:
Please mark all garments and footwear boldly with your child’s name.  This is a great time saver when things go missing, and name labels are checked termly. Lost property is kept at school for a short period of time. Unclaimed items may be retained to be sold by the second-hand stall or at jumble sales.

Our uniform Stockists

Our main supplier is  Skoolkit in Eastleigh. 


02380 651278


Uniform can be bought in store or ordered on line via the link below


Please note both suppliers charge for postage and packaging.


Other Uniform Stockists


The Knightwood School Association regularly sell quality second hand uniform to raise funds for our school.


It is acceptable for parents to purchase uniform from other stockists, however we request that all colours match school colours as much as possible.

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