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Sports Ambassadors

Sports Ambassadors 2023-24

The Role of a Sports Ambassador


“To help make sport more engaging and inspiring for everyone.


Our role as Sports Ambassadors is to allow children to have a voice in PE and to encourage this, we have made a “Sport Suggestion Box” where children can contribute to the subject by suggesting sports that interest them or that they might want to try. They can also ask us questions through the box for us to respond to.


“One of our roles as Sport Ambassadors is to introduce new sports to KS1. This year we will start to run a lunch time club to introduce KS1 to games and sports. We are looking forward to having the opportunity to work with the younger children!


“One of our roles as Sports Ambassadors is to help offer more opportunities in PE to everyone in the school.


“One of the roles of a Sport Ambassador is to introduce something called “Sport of the Month”. Collectively we chose a lesser-known sport and share it with the school through assemblies and our PE Board.”


“Our role as Sports Ambassadors is to find a sport for everyone!

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