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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Dec 2019



As part of our Harry Potter unit, year 4 learnt how to play Quidditch! We discussed the rules of Quidditch before playing it ourselves. We did this because we will be writing an explanation text on how to play Quidditch over the next week.

Zoo Lab

Yesterday, Zoo Lab came to Year 4. We were taught about animals that live in different layers of the tropical rainforest around the world. They showed us animals from Tarantulas to Corn Snakes and we learnt loads. We got to touch Giant millipedes and Giant snails. It felt really squishy! We also learnt that flying birds fly high and Tarantulas flick off their fur to scare off predators. It was a very eventful day. We loved it.

Written by a Yr 4 Pupil

Thank you to the KSA for funding this fun and informative visit.


Trip to Marwell


Fruit Tasting

Woodland Walk

Drama Workshop

Curriculum Evening

Thank you to everyone who came to the Curriculum Evening. If you were unable to attend, the hand outs will be sent home this week with your child and the powerpoint can be found on the class page.