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Curriculum Intent    


Children at Knightwood are learning to be great learners forever. The statement “Always Learning” underpins our intention.

Our curriculum will therefore be carefully shaped so that learning opportunities are rich and diverse and the process of children’s learning is made clear and explicit to them as often as possible.  By teaching them how to learn effectively, we will give them the tools and a route map to success that will serve them well throughout their lives.


To this end, our curriculum will be the vehicle to inspire and motivate our children to become energetic and self reflective, evaluative learners who can demonstrate that they are confident at finding ways to challenge themselves and improve.


We teach our children that there can be different pathways to success. We encourage our children to choose the “interesting” challenging route to get to the end point rather than always taking the “easy” mundane one. We understand that “getting stuck” means that learning is taking place and is just part of the overall journey. We value the journey they have been on and the effort they have shown in the process as much as reaching a final conclusion. Making mistakes is usually seen as be a good thing and often leads to deeper learning – learning that is never forgotten!


We believe that the context that the curriculum provides is key to maximising learning. Both teachers and learners will therefore be clear about how what is being delivered today fits with what has gone on before and how it will be useful in the future.

Our curriculum is structured so that, we learn together and from each other. There is a lot of talking and listening! Not everything is recorded in writing!

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