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School Uniform

Knightwood School Uniform 


A school uniform creates a sense of belonging that gives our school a clear identity and feeling of community.  We want our children to be proud of their school and foster in them a sense of order that is conducive to good attitudes and behaviour.  School uniform promotes equality and ensures that children attend school on the same footing as equals with the belief that they can all achieve whatever their starting points.


With this in mind we are asking you to support us by ensuring that you child adheres strictly to our uniform as stated below.


Knightwood School Uniform


The school colours are Royal Blue, Gold/Yellow, Grey


  • Royal Blue Knightwood Sweatshirt or Cardigan


  • Gold Knightwood Polo Shirt


  • Grey Skirt/Pinafore/Trousers/Shorts


  • Yellow/white or blue/white checked summer dresses


  • Socks and tights should be in a school colour and PLAIN.


  • Sensible black soled shoes – with Velcro please until your child can manage laces on their own! Sandals are fine in the summer as long as they have a low heel and are not open-toed.  Training shoes are not acceptable.


  • Long hair should be tied back or a hair band worn in a school colour and PLAIN (no novelty hairbands - unicorns etc)


  • No nail varnish or make-up may be worn



Please note that the school fleeces are outdoor wear.  They are not suitable to be worn during lessons or around school except on arrival and departure times.