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School Council

Hello, we are the Knightwood Primary School Council Representatives 2015 - 2016. We have been elected by our class peers to represent the pupil views and help improve the school. You can see our photos on the School Council notice board.

Bulb Planting


The school council helped Councilor Alan Dowden plant bulbs in Valley Park this morning. It was to celebrate the wonderful achievements of the Olympians this August in Rio.


Keep an eye out on Hornbeam Road next March for the flowers.  

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What are we working on at the moment?

At the moment we are trying to improve our lunch time experience. We are going to meet with the Lunchtime Supervisory Assistance to discus things that are going well and to identify areas that we can improve on. Look at the notice board and we will keep you updated.


What do we want to do in the future?

Our next project will be to find ways to improve the use of the toilets as this is something that lots of children have asked us about. Over the year we aim to lead regular assemblies to share information. Look out for us and feel free to stop and talk to us about things you would like raised.

Our Meeting with the Lunchtime Supervisors

We planned the questions we wanted to ask during our school council meeting and a few of us took them along to discuss.

We thought about things that we like and that are going well and asked things we would like them to consider.


Here is a sample of our discussion.


Things we like

Year 5 and 6 eating outside.

The rota for playing on the all weather.

Games on the playground.

The balls and hula hoops.

The salad bar

Music in the hall (during Christmas dinner)



Q: How well mannered are we?

A: We think that you are very well mannered. Sometimes we have to remind you to use a please and thank you but not often. It would be helpful if children could practice using a knife and fork at home.


Q: Can we have more hula hoops to play with?

A: Yes we can but they do get damaged really quickly. Maybe we can talk to children about how we use them and look after them. We can also look at other equipment you like and introduce some different clubs.


Q: Can we have more regular music in the hall?

A: Yes we would also like that. We will definitely try it.


Q: Is there a quicker way to bring us in from the playground? Sometimes we miss the call because we are playing.

A: We are going to investigate what other schools do. We try to organise the all weather rota to match with when you are called in but some days are busier in the kitchen than others so there are times when it is slower.  We want to look at the band system to see if there are other ways to do this.


Q: Can we have proper cutlery to use for our Christmas Dinner?

A: This will be discussed but needs to be talked about with the school kitchen team, we will organise for that to happen.


We also talked about how we can reduce the amount of food waste and mess on the floor after dinner, the use of the all weather pitch once KS1 have gone in and reducing the number of children inside during a lunchtime.


Thank you to the Lunchtime Supervisors for listening to us and coming up with some great suggestions to help improve things further.