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Yr 5 Residential Trip to Stubbington

Mr Haydon visited our Y5 children at Stubbington today to see how they were getting on. He was pleased to report that all of the children have already settled well into the routine of life at Stubbington and thoroughly enjoying their time. There was lots of laughter and smiles and some excellent examples of teamwork and cooperation. The cold weather today didn't seem to bother them one little bit!


Last night the children went down to the hide and saw badgers and foxes. There were some cute fox cubs too! Today the children have been spending some time on the beach looking for sea animals and finding fossils. Some of them found fossilised sharks teeth!!


This afternoon, the children were setting up their mammal hotels hoping that some small mammals will chose to spend the night in their cosy small mammal traps. They have also been making shelters from branches and leaves. Once constructed it was, of course, necessary for them to be tested so the teachers kindly agreed to pour water over the shelters with the children inside! We discovered, to our surprise, that the shelters were not very water tight. Oh dear!


We hope you enjoy the photographs!