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Year 5 residential visit to Stubbington

I spent today with the children at Stubbington and they are all really happy! They are having a great time. They told me about the "awesome" badgers they had seen in the hide last night and all about their small mammal hotels and the mice who had visited them. I was able to see Arthur class take part in the "Earthquake" activity and also photograph the children of Isolde class doing some orienteering.

The weather has been really good this year. There was hardly a cloud in the sky so the children have been outdoors nearly all of the time. I must say that the new dorms are excellent and so are the classrooms. I was really impressed with the improvements they have made to the centre which in turn means that the children have an even better experience.

I hope you enjoy the photos. There are quite a lot and when you upload photos onto the website they go on in reverse time order - therefore the first ones you see are the last ones I took! Remember to click through the pages to view them all!

Mr Haydon