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Y6 Settling Down on their Calshot Adventure.

Mr Haydon visited our Y6 children at Calshot last night to find out how they were getting on and to take a few pictures for parents to see.


By the time he got there, it was 7.30pm and the children had already eaten and settled down for film night in the common room near to their dormitories. It was Toy Story 3 which proved very popular!

They had had enjoyed a day of adventure; taking part in activities such as skiing, abseiling and problem solving. There were some heroic stories of bravery and courage where children had confronted their fears and even surprised themselves. Some of the children travelled by mini bus to the New Forest where they did some activities and exploration of senses etc.


We hope you enjoy the photographs. We didn’t take very many this time because, well -  er  film night doesn’t really lend itself to great snaps!! Nevertheless, we hope you can see that the children are adapting well to this new environment and taking on board the challenges that are presented to them.