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Y5 Having Fun at Stubbington

Year 5 are having a great time at Stubbington. I (Mr Haydon) went to visit the children after school yesterday and stayed there until after the children had visited the hide. They were very happy! When I arrived they had just had some free time and were coming back together again. For some strange reason, when they saw me, they all started singing one of the songs from the show. I suppose this proves just how happy they were!

Just after that, they had a slide show. Dennis is a local wild life photographer and he shared some of the pictures he had taken and told them some of his secrets about how he gets so close to the animals.

After this, the children went for their evening snack and drink, followed by a quick quiz in the common room and then over to the hide to see the badgers and foxes come out of the dark. It was very exciting!