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Food Fun in Year 4

Food Fun in Year 4


Year 4 are learning about seasonality. As part of our DT work, we have looked at which fruit and vegetables are currently in season and how our food is processed. On Monday, we made a mouth-watering rhubarb crumble, using our maths skills to adapt a recipe so that it was suitable for a specific number of people. We then used our writing skills to describe its look, smell, taste and texture.


On Wednesday, we worked in teams to devise our own Spring Vegetable soup recipe. We looked at some existing recipes and used our knowledge of seasonality to come up with our ideas. We then had to think about other factors that may affect this, such as people with food allergies, how to make our soup different from the others and what we could do if one of our ingredients was not available.


Thursday was a great day as we actually got to make our soups. Each group came up with a unique and delicious recipe and we thought about how we could present it in an attractive way. Finally we got to taste our creations!


Our next step is to use our Literacy skills to persuade others to try one of our flavoursome recipes.


Keep an eye out on the year 4 class page of the school website, where our “Souper” recipes will soon be available for you to try!