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1. My daughter  is in year R, so expecting her to come back on the 8th June (all being well) and wanted to ask what the lunch situation was going to be and also how drop offs are working. 


There are 4 phases in our extended opening plan. The introduction of each new phase depends upon the safe introduction of the preceding one. This is why no specific timings have been added to the plan. A letter will be sent out prior to the introduction of the next phase with specific organisational details such as arrivals and departures/lunches etc. Our risk assessment which is available to parents in this section of the website might provide some specific detail.


2. Should she wear school uniform?


Yes please, however we recommend trainers to be worn because the children will not be changing for any outdoor activities.


3. How you were deciding which child goes on which Zorb?


At the moment, we anticipate that the Yr R Keyworker Zorb will make up the lions share of one of the Zorbs and we will form three more Zorbs from the remaining children. The teachers will make these decisions based upon their extensive knowledge of the children at school. We will, of course, always try our best to take account of children's emotional wellbeing when making these decisions.


4. Should the children bring their blue book bags?
We strongly discourage the children from bringing any unnecessary items to school. They may only bring one bag to school in order to carry their lunch, some sun cream, a small personal hand sanitizer, a water bottle and clothing suitable for the weather conditions - ie sun hat/raincoat. ALL items should be labelled with your child's name.
5. Will the children be asked to put their own sun cream on?
Children should come to school with sun cream already applied. They should be shown how and when to top it up during the day. Sun cream cannot be applied by an adult at school
6. Should the children bring their own water bottle?
Yes please. The playground water fountains have been switched off. Please label all water bottles.
7. Will the children be doing P.E? Will they need their P.E kit?
Children do not need to bring a PE kit. They may wear trainers with their normal school uniform so that they do not need to get changed for any physical activity.
8. My child's best friend is in a key worker Zorb, will they have a chance to see each other?
The government guidance states very clearly that Zorbs should operate entirely independently of others to restrict the spread of the virus. Regrettably, this means that playtimes and lunchtimes have to be staggered and the playground zoned so that contact between Zorbs in minimised.


9. Will lunch be provided?
School lunches are available as usual and can be ordered on the day. As meals will have to be eaten outside or in the classroom, a packed lunch will be offered. No hot meals are available at the moment.
10. Will the children bring home reading books as before?
We are required to limit the amount of items coming into and leaving the school premises. Therefore books will not be sent home and our library is closed for the time being. There is a selection of fiction and non fiction available to the children in each Zorb, but these have to remain at school.
11. If my child becomes unwell at school, what will happen?
Parents are requested to take their child's temperature every morning before they come to school and keep them at home if they are displaying any symptoms at all. If your child falls ill at school, you must come to collect them immediately.
12. Will the back gate (leading to Knightwood Road) be open?
Not at the moment, but it might be needed at a later stage when more children are attending school so that we can keep a safe distance from each other.
13. If my child is crying when I'm trying to drop them off, how will you handle that?
We will try our best to calm them and encourage them into the classroom. If we are unsuccessful, we may need to ask you to take them off site and bring them back later in the morning to try again.
14. If my child is not able to come back to school before September, how will we know which class they will be in? How will you decide what class they will be in?

We will continue to plan for September as we normally do and let you know by parentmail anything that has been decided.

15. If my child is not able to come back to school, how can they progress through the reading levels?

We would strongly encourage you to continue reading at home with your child as the evidence is supportive that the more they read, the better they get! The actual material they read is not as important as the regularity of it. In other words, if they simply read regularly at home, it is highly likely that children's reading will improve. "Always Reading"! 


16. Would you like us to send the children in with their own pencil cases and if so what would you like us to include in them?

No thank you. All equipment will be provided by us. Each child will have their zippy pack of stationary which are assigned solely to them. Children will wash their hands before using any shared resources and then wash them again afterwards. Shared equipment will be sanitised as part of our deep clean each Friday afternoon.

17. Would a space be saved for a child within a specific Zorb, if we decide not to send them back to school on the 8th June but we decide to send them back to school in July?
We hope to be able to provide a place for all key worker children, YR, Y1 and Y6 in the Summer Term as long as we have the physical space and the staff to supervise safely. There could be difficulties with this objective if we have to open up too many Key Worker Zorbs.
18. Do we email the school to let them know when our child will be not be attending?
If we are expecting your child to attend and for any reason he/she does not attend, we would ask you to telephone the school and let us why so that we can ensure safeguarding procedures are followed.


19. What happens when my child needs the toilet?

Toilets are allocated to Zorbs and the children know which one they may use.  Only one child can be in the toilet at one time. Systems are in place to ensure this. 


20. Will the bike shed be available for my child to leave their bike or scooter in?

No, our aim is to keep children from different Zorbs apart as much as possible. We do not want children from different Zorbs accessing the bike sheds at the same time. 


21. If my child returns to school, can I request the friends and teacher they are with?

The organisation of the Zorbs can be very complex and will be carried out by the children's current class teachers who know them well.

We hope that you can trust us to do this to the best of our ability and understand that we need to consider the best interests of all children rather than any personal preferences you may have expressed. 


22. Can I park in the school car park?

 Due to the increased numbers on site there will be no parking for parents in the staff car park at the beginning and the end of the school day from 8th June.  Please allow extra time to walk or park in Glendowan Road.