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New Intake September



Q. How to the children pick their lunch?

A. Children select their lunch when they come in to the classroom in the morning. An adult is there to help them select the right choice.

Q. My child has dietary requirements, how is this monitored?

A.  We ensure children are known to lunch staff. When choosing their lunch children are shown on the board in a different colour. You will need to inform the school office.

Q. How will I know if my child has eaten enough?

A. Children are encouraged to eat all of their lunch. They are given a sticker if they have eaten all of their food. Lunch staff also let the class teacher know who has not eaten enough so we can then pass that on to the parent.

Q. What happens if my child gets hungry in the morning?

A. We provide a healthy fruit snack during the school day. A child can have one piece and choose themselves when they would like it.  



Q. My child struggles with toileting and can often need reminders. How is this managed?

A. If a child regularly has accidents, we ask that you send in spare clothes. For the odd accident we can provide clothes as long as they are returned. We cannot help children in the toilet but can direct and support them if needed.

Q. When can my child use the toilet?

A. Children simply need to ask an adult and then they are able to go.


What to bring:

Q. Can my child bring their own toys?

A. We do not allow children to bring in toys from home.

Q. What does my child need to bring with them when they come to school?

A. Children will need to bring a named bottle of water, named coat if needed and their named book bag.

Q. Do they need a PE kit?

A. Children will need a PE kit and we will let you know when this is needed in school. They do not need to bring outdoor PE shoes until the summer term, again, we will let you know when they are needed. 


Drop off and Collection:

Q. My child is being collected by someone else, what do I do?

A. Simply let the teacher know, we do not have password systems. If the person collecting changes during the day please call the office as we will not let them go if we do not recognise the adult or name.

Q. My child struggles at drop off, can I come into the classroom?

A. We do not allow parents to come through the classroom as this can cause congestion and be intimidating to other children coming in. We will be at the classroom door to welcome your child and have adults on hand to help them settle. We will ask you to quickly leave as we find this often helps the child settle quicker.