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"In many lessons there is a very purposeful buzz of excitement"


     At Knightwood Primary School we believe that learning should be fun, interactive and focused on children’s own personal learning goals. The academic attainment of our children is consistently high when compared both locally and nationally and we believe that this is because our curriculum is exciting, challenging and innovative.

Through exciting and dynamic learning comes, not only new knowledge, but also the development of lifelong skills, attributes and attitudes which we believe will serve our children well and into their adult lives.

Learning about working together in teams, taking individual responsibilities, being trusted, being reflective and evaluative is equally as important for us as learning where and when the Great Fire of London started! Ofsted recognised this as a feature of our school reporting that “Pupils have an excellent grounding that prepares them for later life”.

A synthetic phonic approach is adopted and in KS1 we use "Letters and Sounds" which is taught in small groups discretely on a daily basis for about 20 minutes. In KS2 we use "Support for Spelling" in a similar way to support spelling and grammar but have 5, 20 minute sessions across a period of two weeks.

We have a 15 stage reading scheme used most widely in KS1 based upon "Oxford Reading Tree" and includes both fiction and non fiction reading choices. We have books from Project X, Floppy Phonics and the Biff and Chip series. By KS2, most children will become "free readers" and chose books from our well stocked library.


Wherever possible we:

  • Provide learning with context;
  • Encourage children to gain ownership of their learning;
  • Motivate and challenge;
  • Ensure children enjoy their learning;
  • Ensure they develop the skills for working together;
  • Provide a secure and happy environment;
  • Ensure they are given opportunities to take on responsibilities;
  • Ensure they are given choices;
  • Ensure they become skilled independent and collaborative
  • Ensure they shape their views and explain their opinions.
For more information about our Curriculum please contact Mrs S Stubbington, Deputy Head Teacher.