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  • FATHER’S DAY SECRET ROOM - The chance for the children to buy gifts in secret for the special men in their lives. Held at school over lunchtime.  Each gift costs £2.   (Note:  This year Father’s Day is Sunday 17th June.  As there will be a few year group and specific group activities taking place during the week before Father’s Day - resulting in children being off the school site - we are holding Secret Rooms a week earlier than usual to ensure everyone has the opportunity to attend).
  •           Wednesday 6th June – KS1 (Years R – 2)

                Thursday 7th June – KS2 (Years 3 – 6)

                Friday 8th June – open to anyone to visit or revisit


  • NON SCHOOL UNIFORM DAY – Friday 6th July 
  • In exchange for not wearing school uniform this day, please donate items for the Fayre as follows:

     YEARS R, 1, 3 and 5 -please bring in something for the SWEETBOLA stall - it can be packets of sweets or loose sweets put in a clear plastic bag. 

    YEARS 2, 4 & 6 – please bring in something for the BOTTLEBOLA stall  - wine, beer, spirits, cordial/squash, shower gel, hand soap, bubble bath etc. Please make sure that any foodstuff have good use by dates and all items are unopened.


  • SUMMER FAYRE – Friday 6th July (4pm – 7pm).  Please come along and support this fabulous afternoon/evening event with a wildlife twist  
  • SUMMER DISCO –  Friday 13th July         



General information about the KSA


The Knightwood School Association (KSA) is Knightwood Primary School’s very own PTA and helps to raise money for the School in order to provide extra educational treats, events and opportunities for ALL the pupils.


As soon as a child joins the school, their parents/carers automatically become members of the KSA and can take part as much or as little as they choose.  Becoming an active member is fun and rewarding and very sociable.


We are a mixture of mums and dads, representing Year R to Year 6, who work alongside the school to:


  • Set up and run fundraising events which involve children and their parents/carers and add to the overall positive experience of being at Knightwood Primary School;

  • Identify and fund projects within the school to enhance curricular activities for all year groups;

  • Respond to funding requests from the school to make sure that any funding offered meets our overall objective - to make sure that any money spent will directly benefit the children and broaden their development.


    We are a registered charity and governed by a formal constitution. 

    We meet once a month (with the exception of January) usually in the school staffroom where we plan and coordinate events.  Everyone is welcome to these meetings.  For the major events, including the Christmas and Summer Fayres and Sportsfest, we tend to have smaller groups who meet in addition to the monthly meetings as and when the need arises to assist with the more in-depth preparation required for these larger events.  

    Major projects funded by the KSA over recent years include:  new sports equipment for the all-weather pitch, funding an £8,500 adventure playground for the older children, upgrading the IT Suite, providing the projector and screen in the main hall.  Over the summer holidays (2015) work took place to remodel the Year R playground; the KSA contributed £10,000 to this project.